[Tool] Waypoint Creator - How to add Waypoints properly

How to add Waypoints to a creature:

Note: I’m just adding a copy paste tutorial without further information on the DB-Structure behind it, because i know, you will understand this soon enough.Example:
We want to add this Guy some waypoints

1.) Get the latest sniffer from http://community.trinitycore.org/topic/9849-trinity-cores-sniffer-for-wow-62020338/
2.) Log in on retail and start the attach_sniffer and follow the Creature until it has completed it’s whole path. It’s important, that you DO NOT RUN OUT of sight of this mob, else the path will look really creapy.
3.) Close the sniffer if the Path is completed one time
4.) You will see a .pkt - file in your wow directory now
5.) Download and compile https://github.com/TrinityCore/WowPacketParser
6.) Go to the Releasefolder after you finished compiling
7.) Copy the .pkt-file and move the file with drag-and-drop over the WowPacketParser.exe
Note: It’s recommended to keep these settings in WowPacketParser.exe.config
8.) Now you will see a .txt file in your releasefolder
9.) Download and compile https://github.com/Kittnz/WaypointCreator (Branch 6.x)
10.) Go to the release folder and open up the Waypoint Creator.exe
11.) Import the .txt-file

12.) Search for the entry in the searchfield (in this case entry: 74228)
13.) Result:


Rightclick on the table and hit: Create SQL
14.) In the SQL-Output you will now find: http://i.imgur.com/XlTxauI.png

Use the command: .go 1923.215 -4636.423 33.2019 to see if you are on the right position
15.) Go ingame (Tc-Server) and choose a fitting creature which is near the path. In this case it’s creature with GUID: 286504 - You always find the right guid if you select the creature and type: .npc info
16.) Replace the XXXXXX in SET @NPC := XXXXXX; with the GUID → SET @NPC := 286504;
17.) Repeat this for all other Paths

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why jast not parse it with wpp ?

Can you send the compiled WaypointCreator, because there require 2008 version mvs, please!

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How to optimize the path? More than 1000 moving points is a lot for servers with high load


If i recall i added those honor hold cavalryman’s path. What are you trying to do?

I wanted to make a missing path, but met with more than 1000 Waypoint. For a game server with online above 4000 people 1000 Waypoint suggest that may cause performance degradation. Missing the route I want to make a 3.3.5 a

The program shows all the points that guid has moved to in order. You have to use your mind and delete duplicates and any trail offs for combat and such.

Also pay attention to time stamps. you may be missing points and have to rearrange some by copy and pasting.

It would be good to modify the program to remove duplicate motion points, I understand that he can calculate the path. The program is intended to help building routes, so you can run a manual command .wp add, you get less waypoint. Sorry for my English, I use translator

Actually no, the example you used has 4 npc’s running behind eachother. You need to find the first npc for the correct path, it will have a lot less points. The 3 other npc’s will use more points because they run in formation thus having more points then needed

Please, upload compiled waypoint creator.

You don’t need to compile it, just fork it and you will see a release folder, in which you will find the exe

is not working for me.

i added persed txt file, but if i search for some entry, dont show me nothing in results :frowning:

Reviving old thread but I’m having the same issue as Keader with the following versions:





Any solution to this?

They are all copied from mine.