Trinity 3.3.5a objectiveText1 in quest_template_locale

Hi guys im on my way to translate the complete Text from emglish to german. its a lot of work but im done with humans allready. so next is draenei. well i found a strange tning. Sometimes the Questobejective is in english and i have to put the german one in manualy in objectiveText1 in quest_template_locale. This will fix it.

The strange thing is that all my quests before had an empty objectiveText1 but the Questobejectives are still in german. This behavior only happens now on the draenei zone so far.

But why is that ?

Haha, I’m wondering how much people on german p-server translate quest_complete_texts parallel and manually :slight_smile:

But the quest_template_locale table contains a lot of field names from an earlier core version.

Actually the relations are:

quest_template:LogDescription - quest_template_locale:Objectives
quest_template:AreaDescription - quest_template_locale:EndText
quest_template:QuestDescription - quest_template_locale:Details
quest_template:ObjectiveText1 - quest_template_locale:ObjectiveText1
quest_template:ObjectiveText2 - quest_template_locale:ObjectiveText2
quest_template:ObjectiveText3 - quest_template_locale:ObjectiveText3
quest_template:ObjectiveText4 - quest_template_locale:ObjectiveText4
quest_template:QuestCompletionLog - quest_template_locale:CompletedText

quest_requested_items:CompletionText - quest_template_locale:RequestedItemsText

quest_offer_reward:RewardText - quest_template_locale:OfferRewardText

May it helps, otherwise please make an example of a quest.

Thank you Magnuss, u wrote " rtranslate quest_complete_texts parallel and manually"

is there any automated easyer easier way to do so ?

No, I wanted to say that maybe different people do the same thing at the same time and nobody knows it.