Trinity 5.4.8

Hi Community,

i used the Trinity 5.0.5 sources (core + database) but i want to update this core to 5.4.8 !

Is there a possibility to update my core to 5.4.8 or are there any Trinity Sources to compile a fresh 5.4.8 core?

I checked the 5.4.8. Skyfire source as well to figure out the bugs… and WOW sooo many bugs… nearly every 2nd spell crashes the server…

So if anybody knows how to update or sources to Trinity core 5.4.8 please tell me /emoticons/default_smile.png

I respect the work of the trinity core / db team - it´s great what u do guys.

I´m going to fix some things on the database and i´m trying to post my fixes up in this forum.

Thanks anyway

I am not aware there was ever any 5.x.x TC core.

I dont know it too :confused:

but i heard that some servers are using a trinity 5.4.8 core so far…

also if u look in some threads they write SkyfireEMU / TrinityCore and they use 5.4.8 so i dont know how to get it.

Skyfire project is not TC, altho it has TC “base”. TC never developed MOP expansion, nor it will if I understood it completely. You have most likely used Skyfire source. I suggest you try with them. /emoticons/default_smile.png

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