TrinityCore 6.x (TDB 6.0.4) Missing quest

hey there!

(first, sorry for my bad english)

…anyway! I compiled a 6.x TrinityCore with TDB Full 6.0.4 (6.2.4 patch)

and on pandaren starting zone, on pandaria etc, there’s no quest D:

i’m a newbie so i dunno how to fix this kind of issues ç_ç i use the trinitycore guide to setup all…

HELP ME ç_ç …thanks :smiley:

It’s a known issue. It will be fixed soon™.

Is there something like a progress-info or a list of things which needs to be done?

There’s a milestone list for the classic zones, I think it wouldn’t hurt to check for one for the pandaria zones in the issue tracker.

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