TrinityCore Authentication for Laravel 5.3

Hello guys.

I present a new composer package for Laravel 5.3 to use account table for authentication. The work is in progress, but it’s usable yet.

It’s propose a support of Laravel Passport, the new Laravel OAuth system. Great for API for example :wink:

[SIZE=16px]How to install :[/SIZE]

You can install the package with composer :

composer require thibaud-dt/trinitycore-auth

All installation instructions are here :

This package use a other package i’ve create “thibaud-dt/trinitycore-models”. This one propose all eloquent models based on TrinityCore Database. The work is in progress too, all relationship must be write. (I accept help with pleasure ! :wink:

These packages are under the licence GPL-3.

trinitycore-auth repository :

trinitycore-models repository :

well done!

Thanks Shin !