TrinityCore - Can it be used for another games ?

Hello TrinityCore Community,

I saw on your main page that TrinityCore is multy-platform MMO Framework.
Does that mean that TrinityCore can be used for another MMORPG Game. Of course after modifying. My question is is this really a good idea?

TrinityCore is interesting project and I used it before years.  I have more of a structural question. I am working in a team which is developing game with Unity engine.
For our server solution so far we have wrote own C# server application. 

I would like to know how is TrinityCore dealing with several interesting aspects.

1. Does TrinityCore receives and sends every 3D position coordinate of the player and broadcast it to all players when player is moving ?
2. I presume TrinityCore is using standard TCP  for connection protocol - client/server ?
3. Have you ever thought to fork TrinityCore into different branch allowing game engines like Unity, Unreal, etc. to use it as a server solution? This will widen  the community greatly.

Kind regards.

The gameplay of WoW is made in the wow client with enormous databases with millions of data (DBC) and tons of graphic, sounds and models.

Simply spoken: TC manages and controls only these data (beside some scripts). Additionally TC provides a very big database with data sniffed from players on the original servers.

That’s why TC works well only with WoW clients. However, together (client and server) it’s an interesting framework for developers to get into MMORPG.

And if this is not enough there is also a community for client modding (make you own maps, models etc.) at