TrinityCore Discord Channel


I was wondering if it’s possible to move from using IRC to using a Discord Chat Server.

It’s cool and… damn, everyone use it, we are in 2017 :smiley:

P.S. Maybe some1 already use discord? Can you send the invite?

irc is just fine

I use telegram for notifications :troll:

I actually hate it. No offense, but it’s sometimes unreliable. I have friends post links and message me, where they asked later why I didn’t reply, in which I would respond with “I never got that message”.

Anyhow, IRC is the most reliable source you can get. I will still use it in the year 2040 (if i live that long)

You’re old and afraid of change, discord is the new cool kids program.

Yep, a tool for kids. IRC is enough. Relevant XKCD.

I think a discord channel would help make this community become friendlier and closer. It wouldn’t eliminate the need for a forum necessarily but I think it would greatly benefit the community.

No we don’t, we have one perfectly working irc channel.

I thought this was interesting. But seriously, I understand why you use IRC but I don’t understand why there is all this negative opinion of discord. If you moderators have pressing issues that must be discussed in the tried and true IRC, great. But Discord is an easier to use GUI based chat platform with voice chat that is very easy to configure. I think it’s a bit obtuse to just sweep it under the rug.

I am voting for Telegram channel.

Anybody on my side?

i have one already xD

+1 I’d love to see a discord channel.

+1 for discord channel

+1 for discord

+1 for Discord :slight_smile:

I vote for Discord!

I like discord and I’m old…

dang kids and your discords… BACK IN MY DAY, we had Ventrilo and we hated it! then we had vent and TeamSpeak and we mostly hated them on a case by case basis. then mumble came out and no one knows what it is to this day.

how is discord making money? cant trust them till you find that out.

@Malcrom you dont count in this vote.

Here’s a pretty thorough pros vs cons list of discord vs IRC.

I know you guys are sold on IRC, it’s tried and true and, anecdotal evidence aside, I totally understand the reasons that make IRC objectively better. But there are a lot of neat features Discord offers that picks up the slack. Obviously, the community isn’t asking you to shut down your IRC channels and replace it with Discord. Just make a discord channel and let the community use it. If you guys become drawn to it as you use it, then so be it. I just don’t see a reason to not give it a try.

Well, im testing out a relay between IRC / discord. nothing official yet, just in testing phases.