TrinityCore Server Status web page

This is a simple web application built with AngularJS and Bootstrap to show the online players list of a TrinityCore server.

It is based on the TrinityCore JSON RESTful API.

How to install:

The application requires the TrinityCore JSON RESTful API to access to the characters database.

Clone the TC-Server-Status folder inside your web server directory:

git clone

Then copy the file [B]config.js.dist[/B] to [B]config.js[/B], open it and set properly with the path of the API:

app.api = “…/TC-JSON-API/public/index.php/”;

and the name of your server:

app.serverName = “YourServerName”;


[SIZE=18px]Released under AGPL license.[/SIZE]

Neat work as always ShinDarth!


  • Show players location

  • Fixed minor visual bug

NOTE: requires latest source version of the TC-JSON-API (0.7, under development)


  • Fit with mobile devices