Trying Windows 10

So far I like it. I have never ever been a M$ fan. I’ve been using Windows 10 on my wife’s laptop and I actually like it. The only issue I have with setting up VS Studio 2015 is an utmost nightmare.

I have been using Linux for close to 22 years now (I know I know, I’m an old guy)… and wanted to test something different.

But trying to use MS on windows 10 with all the redistribute packages, etc… takes close to 7gb??? I’m trying to use SFTP on top of a remote Linux drive to open the project with the existing code.

Ok… it worked… then it crashed. :frowning:

Didn’t have an issue compiling TC straight from pure Windows, creating the binaries that way. I just wanted to see if I could use VS Studio on a net drive (sftp) and use the code completion feature that everyone in the M$ community raves about on my Linux boxes.

So, anyhow… I trashed VS 2015. I give a clap to those of you using it. I think it’s absolute garbage, of course that’s my opinion.

Iv’e used Eclipse (too slow) and hate Java dependency (too many security issues)

Iv’e use Code:Blocks - just lacks all the features that I’m looking for. (and yes iv’e tried a mountain of plugins)

Now… I’m back to CodeLite as my trusted IDE friend. - No crashes, very fast, runs on any platform, and… it’s open source :slight_smile:

Hit me up either way if you got the VS Studio envo working with Linux. (I refuse to use a VM)

Just wanted to vent about M$ environment. BTW… I asked my wife about changing her Windows OS on her laptop, I think If I mess with it she will stab me.

Visual Studio 2017 (still in RC) has a much lighter installer, you could give that a try instead of using the bloated VS 2015

Thanks Nay, I will try the 2017 beta

[19:47:09] <vincent_michael> Shauren: “I’m also excited to announce that Visual Studio 2017 will be released on March 7.”
[19:51:44] can it compile tc?
[19:53:25] <vincent_michael> rc can compile tc
[19:53:35] <vincent_michael> (with some tricks)
[19:53:47] <vincent_michael> missing full boost support
[19:56:08] <vincent_michael> and g3d need patch
[19:57:06] not supporting
[19:57:59] <vincent_michael> missing header (change in vs build system)

Avoid 2017 for now.

^ this. I had played around with versions but to no success yet

I’m just going to stick around with gcc at the moment.

gcc is SLOW, it might produce slightly better optimized binaries but i wouldnt use it for any kind of dev builds, you should switch to clang at least

I didn’t see any documentation to compile with clang. so…

To everyone that wants to use it i added options to my cmake, so every compile by default will be clang


Also, for debian users 'sudo apt-get install clang' installed all the compilers and libraries for me. If you choose to back to gcc, just blow away the options and rebuild with gcc.

I don’t have access to edit the documentation and add this piece.

The recommended way to change compilers is by using the CC and CXX environment variable, which CMake respects.

$ export CC=/usr/bin/clang
$ export CXX=/usr/bin/clang++
$ cmake …
– The C compiler identification is Clang
– The CXX compiler identification is Clang


Everyone has edit access to the wiki (however -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER shouldn't be there).