Tutorial: Repoblar Pandaria,Draenor y parte de Legion

Buenas, aquí os traigo un video de como repoblar Pandaria, Draenor y parte de Legion (ya que trinity los tiene vacios estos mapas) en nuestro server local de Legion (trinity).

Espero que os sea útil y os guste. Saludos :wink:


Can we please get something like this in English as well?

I can writte decent english but i cant speak english good… I could create a a guide about the proccess here but i cant make a video-tutorial in english, sorry…

Oh, I completely understand. A written guide works just as fine. :slight_smile: Just wanting something I can follow.

Ok…I will try it.

There were 3 way to spawn npcs in our local server:

1- Copying npcs with trinity sniffer in the official Legion and parssing the files to sql patches with trinity parsser then. So you can add the patches to your local server (this is the correct way and the blizzlike one).

2- Spawning npcs one on one with the gm command .npc add idnpc. You go to the position where you want to spawn it and then you use the command for it (no blizzlike). Too much work and slow. This is used for spawning not much npcs.

3- Copying data of other database downloaded of internet. This is what we will use because trinity has Pandaria,Draenor and Legion empty of npcs. So we can do a massive spawn in this way and we can spawn every creature in this maps (no blizzlike).

a) you download a database of a proyect where you know that it has a lot of npcs which your local server miss or you can download the database which I used in the video, its really a good one with full npcs in pandaria and draenor and a little in Legion.

B) you unzip it. You search the folder named “world” and you rename it to the name that you want to(example:world1. Then you copy that folder in your data folder in mysql:

C:/programedata/mysql/mysql 5.7/data (the url depend in your windows and your mysql version. You will need to active the option of windows to see hided folders).

Now you can see the copyed database “world1” in your sqlyog with your others databases,

c) You compare the fields of creature table, fields in both tables (your creature table of world and creature table of world1). Fields have to be the same, in the same order and with the same name in both tables or it will give error. You can have more fileds in your creature table but not in the creature table of your downloaded database or it will give error. In the database which we used, the fields are the same so you can create the patch withouth any issue.

d) We will do a consulte using the field map for copyng all creatures of the 3 maps, so you need to know the map id of them.

You log in your server and you use tele command to get in the 3 differents maps. When you are in pandaria you use .gps and you will see the map id for pandaria.You repite the same in the others 2 maps. Now you have the 3 id maps.

e)You writte in you sqlyog the query:

Select * from creature where map in (780,1116,1220);

You left click in your database world1 in the left and you execute the consulte.

f) you dismark “show only 1000 rows” in your sqlyog and then you go to the option tools,export data of the consulte. Mark sql, data only,choose the folder where you will save it and name the patch.Click export. Now you have the patch with all creatures of that 3 maps.

g) left click in your database world.Go to the opcion database,import sql file, search your patch and execute it.

h) You should to do the same with creature_template. But this time you need create a different consulte.

Execute this query in your database world1:

Select id from creature where map in (870,1116,1220) grouped by id;

You will get the id of every creature in that maps withouth duplicated.

Save it in a patch and you modifique the patch so it looks like this:

Select * from creature_template where entry in(423424,23424,234324,23424,etc…);

Save it.

i)left click in world1 and execute the patch, you will get all creature_template of that 3 maps now.

j)dismark “show only 1000 rows” in sqlyog and go to tools,export data of the consulte and save your patch.

k)left click in your world database,go to database option,import sql file,search your patch and execute it. And you are done with the spawns in that 3 maps :).

la descargar esta caido amigo subilo de nuevo

Hace ya tiempo de esto, pero me impresiona realmente el esfuerzo y dedicación que se le pone a este tipo de cosas aun en tiempo en los que la gente ya no comparte.


Le echare un vistazo si tengo tiempo pero no prometo nada,igualmente puedes conseguir la base de datos de ashamanecore y repoblar tu server desde este que esta mucho mas completo. Saludos.