Ubuntu 18.04 LTS question

Was reading the Wiki for a linux setup and noticed for Ubuntu it states “AVOID UBUNTU LTS versions.”

Is there a particular reason to avoid them?

because we update trinitycore requirements with Debian Stable and people installing LTS stays with the same version for long time and won’t fit tc requirements and have problems to compile or break their systems trying to match debian stable versions.

Thank you for the answer, Aokromes.

Guess I’ll see if I can get debian 9 to install.

Well, that’s just great.

Debian doesn’t support Opera web browser, which mean they want you to use something that google can track you with.

Screw that.

Oh my… What are you talking about? First off there are plenty of browser available with Debian (Firefox, Chromium, Arora, Conqueror… even lynx if you’re into text browsing). Second there’s even an official wiki page for the opera browser. No one within Debian project want to ‘track you’ rolling eyes

What ever.

Anyway moving on, is it possible to pull from github to a neutral server machine using winblows to store the info, and then point cmake on debian to that machine to configure the files for compiling on the debian machine?

20.04 LTS works great for me with deb :slight_smile: I have several different servers of other MMO’s running with it. I’m checking out WoW now as a possible addition.