[Ubuntu] Need help fixing code for compile

Hello, i’m trying to update playerbots to work with latest tc but i have some problems to compile. I search the web for help but did not find anything usefull. I know this is third party code but the orginal auhour is not responding, help would be appreciated.

Compile results with errors


Just took a quick look at the errors you’ve posted. My guess is that script too old to be compiled against new TrinityCore.

Why wouldn’t i help you to fix it?


[ol][li]There is obviously author of the script, who can do better than me[/li]
[li]You’ve provided only one file out of many (this is kind of the main reason)[/li]
There exists one script (somewhere), dont remember the name of the maintainer, all i can say he is hosted on the bitbucket. My suggestion would be to try that script first

maybe it is old but still can be fixed, if you know how! Guess you don’t :slight_smile:

because you don’t know how

true but i already post that the orginal author is not responding.

well here is the full repo if it helps.

you mean this guy, his script is even older and has not been updated for years, i’m trying to get this updatet to latest tc. I know there has been many things changed in tc and if anyone srys like to help me to fix my problem pls reply,i don’t need ppl like darki73 that telling me he can’t and will not help me, ty.

@Proton you linked work from mangos not TC. Both projects are almost architected as night and day. Darki73 was just trying to be polite about you not giving enough resources and what you were asking for, as so was I when you decided to be rude.

Oddly enough, Just take a look at diffs with the current TC (335a) and Martin26 on github. (hint hint)

close pls