Understanding custom Auras similar to Blessing of Kings

I’m wanting to add a bunch of custom Auras that are server-side only and don’t need any visibility the the client. My original post has more details on my overall goal:


The trouble I’m having is understanding what needs to happen in the database to create a custom Aura. So I started with an Aura that is close to one that I’m shooting for like Blessing of Kings:


In my test code I know I can use 20217 and it correctly applies the buff to players but I can’t figure out how it works because 20217 isn’t in the spell_dbc table. How is Blessing of Kings / 20217 represented in the database?

What would be the database change steps to create a custom, server-side only aura that would apply a multiplier to the players HP?

Is there a sister tool to TrinityCore that helps build the spell database inserts?

you might take a look at this tool: https://github.com/stoneharry/Spell-Editor-GUI-V2

Also take a look at the Keira tool from the forums as it helps you creating database inserts and has been very useful for me.