Upgrade Some Older Dungeons/raids

Hi guys…

My question is simple, is there a way to “upgrade” que old instances so the mobs and the bosses get more HP and do more DMG??

I would like to “upgrade” Karazhan for example to make it more chalenging…

Ideas anyone?


Spells = DBC, without a Hackpatch its not possible to make spells doing more damage.

can look in the code for the boss you want to change and change the spells it uses for harder spells and also in the database change the amount of what the boss hits harder.

Of cousre you can set the dmg for a spell higher… Its a mysql table called spell_…

dont remember the full name and im on my mobile. Just search for it and you will find /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Changing Spell Damage already is a hack as in “not blizzlike”, so it should be okay. There is a function to override Spell DBC data Serverside called LoadDbcDataCorrections().

Still, I wonder why you’d want to use Karazhan as it is now, those old scripts… I don’t want to say they are hacky, non-blizzlike and outdated, but… they just are.

(inb4 rage)