Utility To Stop The Server


I am running TC on Linux.

Anybody has a script or utility to start/stop the TC server?

And also a utility to run TC server as a service on Linux each time I start the operative system.


What do you mean?

use screen to start the server in a new console…

better… learn about screen command.

If you are talking about a gui… there is no gui for linux… also there is no point on doing a gui when those actions are so easy to do.

I mean running a script or something to stop the server. Because I want to start the TC server authomaticaly when the operative system is started. Then when I login in the console I need a script to stop the server. Because I want to be able to stop the server from a remote ssh access…

use screen. There’s no better way to handle it.

I use it all time from console and from SSH. Has for starting it with S.O. just symlink it to a RC level.

You can get some inspiration from my script if you like: