VAS AutoBalance

Ok, I have recreated VAS for TrinityCore 11007 as of yesterday. I’m new to git so instead of 2 patches, it’s 4. I will continue to create more patches to update the code base as I go and push them to this HG repo that I have created for it. If anyone has any improvements, just let me know.

Special thanks to KalCorp who created the original that I will be building off.


New VAS AutoBalance Repo @ BitBucket


Thanks to Rengoku for suggesting moving this to a new post and starting fresh.

It seems to be a great patch, thanks for updating it. Can you give me a better explanation how it works? For example, If I want to play solo an instance or a raid, it will reduce the damage and the hp from npc’s? or what?

Yes, and I will explain.

KalCorp did what is there now with me just updating the code standard to remove the dot operators and the Mob’s level changing. I don’t have the spreadsheet that had the initial alogrithm that was used to modify the NPC’s but I will be changing it soon to reflect more specific information to better scale.

Esentially, it’s a script that everytime a player or group of players enters and instance or raid modify’s the npc’s health and damage done on a factor of how many people are in that instance. If you enter with one person, then it will scale the npc’s down to about 1/5th health and about 1/5th damage. The new system that I am working on will account not only for how many players, but what classes they are and general group composition. IE: 2 players, one leather one cloth and no tank, will affect the mobs in the instance.

There are some problems with it as it is. One is when enemies cause periodic damage (DoT’s) that damage is NOT scaled down. Have to work with the hooks to adjust that one. Another is that if you run an instance with 4 people WITHOUT VAS the missing persons XP would be split among the 4, so as it is, you get 5x the xp and it’s not 5x hard, so I will have to hook in to adjust that too. There are not admin console commands to adjust settings while running. And NPC’s that are dynamically spawned in the instance, EX: Sneed (spawned after you kill Sneed’s Shredder) is not scaled, so hooks will be required in the code that spawns those mobs. But it’s a good start and about 2/3 instances (5 mans) are soloable at correct level as it is now.

Vaughner are you still going to do the great things you were talking about with this patch? Just wondering if it’s going to keep going or not.


Anyone still need update for this patch? I have debug the patch from Vaughner to compile with core rev. 12917. I have install it and it seems to work, haven’t test it a lot yet.

Sun, I’d be interested in a copy of the patch if you’re still watching this /emoticons/default_smile.png

It would be nice to get a copy of this that works with latest core as it has been great for my small server population but cannot get it to work any more. Sun if you have a working patch for latest core can you give us a link or a copy?

Vaughner, I am VERY interested in using this code as I only play on my server by myself. It’s been a great learning experience and would love to add the ability to run RAIDS and INSTANCES with a single character.

this is shit so 2 player create raid and go and kill Lich king get achiv ant drop so it is shit

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any update coming out?

Is this compatible with the current version of the core? I tried adding this after updating the other day and it puked, error’d and won’t install. (other than that the server is running fine /emoticons/default_smile.png…) I def. want to check this out though since my server is only for me. /emoticons/default_smile.png

I am assuming this needs to be updated but i am no coder.

I guess this is a dead topic. /emoticons/default_sad.png

I was hoping to implement this on my own personal server.

I’m very interested in getting this going again. I just wanted to ping Vaughner and possibly KalCorp through this post. If niether is interested, I’ll try my hand at updating it.

I’ve played with modifying patches to successfully merge with the core, and have had success. However, none of them were as large as these.

If someone is currently working on this, or intends to do so soon, please continue. I expect a timeframe of at least a month for myself to get this functional, if I can at all.

I just wanted to give a heads up to the author and the current maintainer so that I don’t step on any toes. I’ll wait a week before assuming that they have abandoned this project.

@BusaSpectre - Let me know if you make any headway with this. I am interested in running this since I am the only one running around on my personal server. /emoticons/default_smile.png

Hi guys,

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I still haven’t had a chance to get to work on this. IRL keeps taking priority. I will probably begin working on this within the next 10 days.

Has there been any progress with this patch I would love to get a new working copy of this for my small family server.


Still haven’t gotten a chance to even start looking at the code. Haven’t even had a chance to play WoW. Work, school, and family have kept me busy. If anyone feels like giving it a try, more power to you. At this point, I don’t see myself having any time to start working on it for about another 3 months.