Very basic gossip menu option

Hi all,

I just started to use the SAI to setup some gossip, and there is one thing I can’t seem to get working.

So far I figured I need the event gossip hello, with action send gossip. Then in the action parameters I set the gossip menu id and text id.

Works fine, however the gossip is not showing any options. It just shows the npc text with no options.

I verified many times that my table gossip_menu_option contains the proper entry that should be linked to my gossip_menu.

So I wonder, am I missing any obvious steps in this process?

Thank you.

Check creature_template and make sure the NPC has gossip flag (npcflag field), correct gossip_menu_id, and also npc_option_npcflag set to 1.

Yes, that worked, it was missing the 1 flag in the npcflag. Thanks.