Voidwalker Minion (npc 8996)

i noticed recently that the voidwalker minion(comes attached to lots of npc’s easiest to find is a burning blade apprentice(npc#3198)) is EXTREAMLY over powered, i did some digging on wowhead and in the database, and found that the minlevel, maxlevel, mindamage, maxdamage and attackpower entries are MUCH larger then they should have been.

here is my fix based on what i can tell from wowhead and wowwiki

UPDATE `creature_template` SET `minlevel`=9, `maxlevel`=24, `mindmg`=13, `maxdmg`=17, `attackpower`=40,`minrangedmg`=9, `maxrangedmg`=11,`mingold`=0, `maxgold`=0 WHERE `entry`=8996;

im not sure if this is entirely accurate, but i figure that if i post my fix here then if there are any values that need to be adjusted up or down they can be before the patch is actually added into the database.

EDIT: added information to change the loot for the mob, being as they are not suppose to drop loot.

and thank you ZxBiohazardZx for the change.

not sure on wowheads levels as they are now 100% cataclysm, and we know for a fact some of the levels are different

The problem is that EAI don’t scales the summon with the summoner.

quick update to the fix, changed the min/max gold and ranged damage to be more bliz like(voidwalkers never had any loot)

first post was changed

Summoned mobs get faction/level and some flags from owners.

But melee damage is not adjusted to the new level. And minions like this one have wide range of possible levels

And hp, mana. Some minions have 3k hp when summoner have only 300…

Like i said on march: The problem is that EAI don’t scales the summon with the summoner.

Well, EAI will be disappearing from the code, so, let’s make sure SAI does /emoticons/default_smile.png

The issue is about hp, mana and autoattack damage. It has nothing to do with EAI (or SmartAI).

Fact is that mindmg, maxdmg columns should be removed from creature_template and instead replaced by “dmg_variance” (or whatever) that would mean how much can min and maxdamage differ from “basedamage” that would be in creature_levelstats. And attackpower should be moved there as well. Then damage could be adjusted for current level (as well as HP and mana).

Is there a simple way of looking up how many potential creatures there are in-game for the entry 8996? Or is it a variable, depending on other factors?

I wanted to use the hack in the OP in my own core, do you have any thoughts on what’s the worst that can happen in my core server + game?

SELECT * FROM `creature` WHERE `id`=8996;

Thanks. /emoticons/default_smile.png Of course, I should have remembered it should look something like this.

I had too much on my mind when I asked and did not remember it is that easy. Thanks for taking the time to reply. /emoticons/default_smile.png