Waypoints in Maya

I’m not sure how useful this’ll be, but maybe it’ll help someone, assuming there’s not already a similar or better tool -


If you have access to Maya, this script’s “wowWP” command will take the sniffed waypoint data, and use it to generate a nurbs curve. “wowGenWP” can be used to print out the points in a format (hopefully) more suitable for SQL. The main purpose of the script is to be able to visualize the paths, before putting them into the game… and if you’re also able to load the map into Maya, it’ll be that much easier. Aside from being able to visualize and edit the paths, this should also make it easier to combine fragmented paths, and remove duplicate points.

One small problem - Access to Maya. It’s a tad expensive… But a similar tool could probably be made for Blender.

as i know the current spline movement just hasnt got the 4th calculation for movements which makes smoother movement like curves etc. so just the basics but not the extended implement…

Here’s what the waypoints for Kristen Dipswitch (blue) and Gankly Rottenfist (red) in Nagrand look like -


I can see how this might result in some odd movement, without some editing.

I decided to port this tool to Python, though it’ll need quite a bit of testing before it’s ready to be posted. The old version required too much effort - copying the & reformatting the waypoint data just to run the command. The new version can read a parsed file directly, converts all the waypoints to curves, then groups them by entry & guid.

Here’s a couple screenshots of the results -



Interesting this can be added to one webpage to show waypoints of the mobs? /emoticons/default_smile.png

Possibly, but that’ll be for someone else to figure out.

The big thing for me is making sure the paths are complete, and being able to clean them up if necessary.

It’s been over a year, and these Maya tools are a little closer to being useful - my WP tool hasn’t changed, but a new script can import maps and objects exported from Machinima Studio, so cleaning up waypoint data should be much easier. Now I’ll have to write a proper SQL exporter, and maybe an importer…

Waypoint data may be too rough to be used directly.  New paths may need to be created, with sniffed points or video serving as reference.

One exception is spline data - these paths appear to need no additional processing, aside from maybe being smoothed out.  Here's the curves the Horde and Alliance leaders' arrival at the Argent Tournament -

More examples -
Thrall’s scripted event in Nagrand, as well as Kristen Dipswitch.

The Wrathgate -

Worgen starting zone, without terrain

Varian's path during Battle for the Undercity, estimated from Youtube videos

Amazing /emoticons/default_smile.png

A couple more screens, this time testing out npc placement based on Youtube videos -

Thrall, Sylvanas, and their guards at the end of the Alliance version of Battle for the Undercity -


Grand Apothecary Putress and several invisible stalkers, for his electrical effect -


…now I’m tempted to learn how to program for real, so I can take a stab at the Battle. /emoticons/default_smile.png