Weather in more zones


I wanted to add more weather to different zones but when I do that…the world server crash with the error that I didn`t update my database.

Use latest 3.3.5 branch - 7b40303a488ef3edcee0930aee5171bb3df97688

My database is up to date. But for some reason their is a check if I have the correct .sql files in my database.

Is there a way to bypass it so I can use my own custom gameweather.


There is no check in WeatherMgr.cpp.

You can add more zones in the table game_weather.

Thanks for your reply Magnuss,

I found the problem why I couldn`t add more weather. I have a backup from my old game_weather.sql with all zones added and change of weather changed. And when I make a mistake I use my custom weather.sql and delete the default weather.sql.

I made some mistakes in my database and had to make a clean database and when I did that I insert my old game_weather.sql and I know why it crashed.

My old custom game_weather.sql didn`t had this line: “ScriptName” and that is the reason why it crashed. I opened design and added that line to it:

ScriptName char 64 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 utf8 utf8_general_ci 0 0

After that it worked perfect and I have all my weather in all the zones from WOTLK.

This is my custom game_weather.sql and you see that “ScriptName” is missing


Thank you for your reply,


This is the default game_weather.sql that you get when you do a clean database.


Problem Solved.