What handles pet idle anim & sounds?

In the early generations of Trinity there used to be a function called something like

which would cause pets to howl (wolves) or growl (cats) when they stood idle for too long. I used to comment this line out because it’s quite annoying when wolves howl three or four times in a 30 second timespan. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this “feature” anymore.

I’ve tried searching (visual studio) for keywords such as:

but nothing seems to point to when the server sends this particular packet to the client.

Any ideas?


It was probably a hack, i’m sure that the client is in charge of those capabilities.

Hmm, maybe but I don’t see how commenting it out of the server would have stopped it if the client was handling it. Once the client received the “idle” packet, it shouldn’t care wether I commented out SendPetSound().

Makes me wish I had saved my old patches. This was from the old SVN days and I ditched everything when we moved to GIT.