Why not add PlayerBot & AuctionHouseBot into TrinityCore?

TrinityCore as a Great simulator,PlayerBot & AuctionHouseBot are Standard modulars for one-person player. :D

ahbot is implemented on tc since months (even years) ago.

:stuck_out_tongue: yes…I find ahbot in world config…

So … why not add PlayerBot as a part of TC : D

it doesn’t make sense … Wow the game itself is designed for co-op

yes ,wow is co-op game.but tc or other simulator usually build for One player,not everyone use them to build a Lan/web game.

so I think tc brings PlayerBot is useful.

May I know is here exist a Guild that teaches tc users how to add playerbot.


For me it looks very useful for testing like boss fights.

Testing alone, means that you are tanking, also boring, because you will not do enough damage, bots would help a lot with this.

Plus it would be much more entertaining when I’m playing with just my son.

I didn’t see a PlayerBot pull request yet.

Сами поняли, что за чушь написали?

Yes, testing alone - not able see all boss mechanic. Also not see, because hardcode checking in core script on TYPEID_PLAYER. Blizzard in the container changing some NPCs so that they are considered for the player.

Thunder Forge scenario example.

I dont know How to add playerBot source code into TC`s and pull request thing…

I tried add playerBot source code in TC




and Cmake reture me some error like " pch duplicate …"

Maybe Who can tell us how to add playerbot in TC,what`s will be helpful!