Wiki editors are blocked ?

I can’t edit the wiki. It tells my password is expired, but 1 or 2 months ago I have edited something.

I also can’t revoked a new password. Don’t get any e-mails.


hmmm it would seem so, checking.

Once I was a top10 Wiki writer. But seems nobody is anymore interested in TC wiki, looking how old and outstanding the stuff is.

Anyway I’m blocked since weeks and nobody cares. And I lost the interest to contribute.

Right now, we can’t do anything about your account, I guess @KingPin is still checking [SIZE=10px]/s[/SIZE]. Sorry about that.

My only suggestion is to create a new account, until the new wiki is put in place (the one that we talked about in another topic).

P.S There has been 50 edits to the wiki this month from multiple authors, it could be a lot better but it’s not “nothing” (number from the emails I received from the wiki).