[WIP] Brainy's Datastore

Hey everyone,

as I know, the database content of MoP, WoD and Legion is mostly not implemented in the current version of TrinityCore.

A few weeks ago I’ve started to think about to involve myself in database development for patch 5.x-7.x content. After some investigations related to the realization, I was very frustrated because it seems to be a big bunch of work.

So I have started to think about the reason, why a lot of people are not contributing database content updates for the latest expansions. In my opinion there are a lot of people who want to help to develop database content but are not sure how to do. They don’t know how to use sniffs to find out game related things. They don’t know how to use client files to get important information.

For this reasons I want to build a tool collection to make database content development much more easier. The tool collection will be a web application written in PHP7. In the first release you will be able to browse DB2 files, the client cache and uploaded sniffs. After the first release I’ll work on database development features to make sql query creation from sniffs much more easier.

The following things I have to do for my first release:

[li]Write a PHP library to read WDB5, WDB6, WCH5 and WCH6 format. [80% done][/li]
[li]Define structure of existing WDB/WCH tables for different client versions [5% done][/li]
[li]Write a WoWHead like searching tool for client stuff [0% done][/li]
[li]Extend the current WPP to parse sniff data as json/xml to make reading much more easier [0% done][/li]
[li]Extend the WoWHead like search tool to browse sniff data [0% done][/li]
After I have finished the PHP lib for client stuff reading, I will commit the project to github. Currently I’m doing to much experimental stuff.

The final software will also be hosted by me to help the TC community.

I’ll keep you up to date.

Cheers :slight_smile: