[WIP] Gunship Battle SQL Updates

[CODE]-- Add spell conditions for 69705
SET @SPELL := 69705;
DELETE FROM conditions WHERE SourceTypeOrReferenceId=13 AND SourceEntry=@SPELL;
INSERT INTO conditions (SourceTypeOrReferenceId,SourceGroup,SourceEntry,ElseGroup,ConditionTypeOrReference,ConditionValue1,ConditionValue2,ConditionValue3,ErrorTextId,ScriptName,Comment) VALUES
(13,0,@SPELL,0,18,1,36838,0,0,‘’,‘Gunship Battle - Spell 69705 (Below Zero) target creature 36838’),
(13,0,@SPELL,0,18,1,36839,0,0,‘’,‘Gunship Battle - Spell 69705 (Below Zero) target creature 36839’);

– Auras on Battle Standards summoned by mages on the Ramparts when they are rescued (first squad only)
DELETE FROM creature_template_addon WHERE entry IN (37044, 37041);
INSERT INTO creature_template_addon (entry, path_id, mount, bytes1, bytes2, emote, auras) VALUES
(37044, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, “69809”), – Kor’kron Battle Standard
(37041, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, “69808”); – Skybreaker Battle Standard

I strongly disrecommend you to apply this since not everything is a 100% sure of being blizzlike.

As of now, maybe this isn’t even supposed to be in the SAI sub forum now. but, well.


Added conditions for targeting in the first topic.

Tested, working, still have to figure out the issue with this spell, tho I think this is core side.

Now for the glory time (ha ha), github mail adress is [email protected]

I respect the fact you’re trying to help working on this, but what’s the point if Gunship Battle isn’t even scripted itself? =P

Good work /emoticons/default_smile.png

The point is that I’m working on the Gunship Battle. Besides, even if it is not implemented, those SAIs are needed because, well, we are aiming to be blizzlike, and we all know that sooner or later it’ll be implemented because there’s our big Shauren out there /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Very well then! Gave you some +rep. /emoticons/default_smile.png

I think i can remember that they spawn at the portal on the ship, then run to a certain point and then cast their spell, not on spawn.

Do you have any good quality video ? I have tons of but I never see the exact momentum where the mage spawns ><, or the quality isn’t good enough.

I’ll see if I can find one on youtube. I know exactly what you mean, when I scripted Algalon i have tried for hours to find a video which showed the outro sequence, but no, it’s cut out in every single video in favor of that lame Dalaran event.

Funny, I never get near as many + for much larger and complex fixes.

But… but… Don’t include me into that. =(

Alright, on some videos I see all the NPCs pop from the << door >> on the gunship, head to the portal and then appear on your ship, but I still cannot see the mage. only time I was able to catch Muradin yellin’ for a mage, that was a gnome, and the video was of too lame quality. When i caught the mage, she was already channelling below zero.

I’d be sorry for all those +rep if my first SAI submition was wrong /emoticons/default_sad.png

We already have reached our daily quota when we want to add you some more rep /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Edited the topic as i’m planning to add more and more SAIs as soon as possible. Already did 4+

Would be nice if a mod could edit the topic’s title by changing [Complete] to [WIP]. Thank you & sorry for the disturbance.

EDIT: Thank you ZxBio.

Alright, finally found one.

Move at 2:30 and watch carefully. 3:30 is a perfect example too. Another one ? near 5:25

Thank you for pointing out /emoticons/default_wink.png

any news? gunship battle

Still a wip. Lots of stuff to do, i also have to fix the rampart of skulls :')

Any news of the Gunship Battle script/fix/sql?