[WIP] TrinityCore MultiTool - Java


I just want to release what I have been on the last few days I started developing and maintaining a TrinityCore server.

Many of you probably know the creators from wow-v.com - unfortunately some of them dont work for Trinity, e.g. the Mob/NPC creator does not even have a Trinity option. Thats why I decided to make my own. This is still work in progress.

If you decide to use my tool, I’d be glad getting your feedback and feature requests.

Working right now from the GUI:

  • Vendor NPC Creator

  • uses Kirin Tor vendor as base, so every vendor created is peaceful to both factions

  • Repairs

  • Blank vendor NPC with customizable entry id, model id, name, subname, scale

Being worked on right now:

  • Vendor sell table creator.

Have fun.



Virustotal and Hashes for the paranoid:


SHA256: af7933ad3bb474ac268777453d3c5239225aae6ccfbb631e7f7e0ec581c0cae8

CRC32: 8EAD1A12
MD5: 9CEDE04B18E147A1BCFEA1FF3800634B
SHA-1: 312834DE27B16632B7FC149CD6987CF473B2F64F

No feedback? Vendor table generation nearly working, having a little bit of trouble with validating the FlagsExtra value if BuyPrice and ExtendedCost are set, if there is interest.

There is definately interest. Will check this out after work, tyvm

Thanks for your efforts x1gma, although sometimes you wont get a lot of reaction from people here. Don’t let that discourage you, everyone here is still very happy to see someone who is interested in contributing to this cause in any way.

I would love to try your software but I’m currently not at home.