Working Linux Debugging Setup?

Does anyone have a good functioning debugging setup for Linux?

I have managed a clunky form of debugging using either Nevminer or KDevelop. I am only able to get a minute or two worth of stepping through the code. I’m fairly new to C/C++ and all their related tools so it is definitely possible I am missing some very obvious answer due to my naivety. Thanks for any information you can provide.

Probably time to learn GDB. There are many resources online to help you with that, including some GUIs on top of GDB (

Both of the tools I mentioned are using GDB under the covers. Unfortunately GDB crashes after a short amount of time when starting the process with GDB or attaching to the process after startup. I know that I am going to need to learn the tools and that is exactly what I am doing in the meantime. I would still love to hear any insight from anyone who has been able to successfully run/attach to the worldserver process with any kind of visual debugger with any amount of success.

Thanks again.

Oh right, of course they also use GDB.

Well, if you have access to a Windows machine, I don’t really think there’s anything better than Visual Studio debugger (the free version is more than enough).

On Linux, I had some success with QtDeveloper.

I will install QtDeveloper and cross my fingers. I’ve been avoiding getting the entire stack setup in Windows because I wanted some consistency between my development and ‘production’ environments. If debugging in VS is stable it might be worth the extra bit of work getting two separate environments setup.

Thanks Nay.

It doesn’t really get better than debugging with VS, so if you can setup a Windows machine for it, I think that you should.

I found that VS Code (on Linux) can debug code with GDB, might be interesting to check as well

For anyone getting to this thread hoping for an answer, the one Nay gave is the best option. Just use Visual Studio on Windows. I had much better results going that route instead.

Thanks again Nay.