Working Official Blizzard 3.x.x Torrent


Was just wondering if there are any official Blizzard installers or torrents for any 3.x.x version for WOTLK.

I tried InstallWoW.exe (used to work) but blizzard took the servers offline for it.

I also tried to extract a torrent from the Background Downloader but the tracker for it is offline… :frowning:

Any you have will do, working or not, I’ll try and get them working.

Actually you can find torrent ones by going to and searching for 3.3.5a and one good source is piratebay if when searching just also add that one if you need to find a good source and there are other good sites out there. if you still have problems finding one let me know I will give you a link but google is your friend :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have issues with torrents. I have an enUS retail (clean) version.

Can’t access pirate bay, ISP blocked it.

Also i did “Google” you didn’t think I would of tried that?

It’s fine though I have one now.

You would be shocked how many people don’t search google first just checking lol

To add what @codeman8214 said, a lot of people want to be spoon fed. Not saying you are since I know that you were trying a trusted source.