worldserver hangs on update 4872608...

2022-03-01_16:12:58 >> Applying update “2022_01_18_07_world_2020_06_26_06_world.sql” ‘4872608’…

It’s been stuck on this update for 30 minutes, I reluctantly aborted; and tried again, when that did not work I dropped all tables and started over, still getting stuck on that update.

Link to aforementioned DB update

OS is Debian 11 Bullseye w/ apt upgrade ran before cmake.
No patches added, vanilla pull of latest master branch
Fresh install of mariadb 10.5.12-MariaDB-0+deb11u1 Debian 11, no strict mode.
No LAMP, LEMP or XAMPP, etc etc, all packages installed from repos.

This has happened under the last 9.1.5 branch and the new 9.2.0 branch, I have follwed the TrinityCore MMo Project Wiki verbatim.

If there is any other information you need or if I should recompile and enable debugging and post that log here, let me know.

EDIT: Going to try renaming that update file to see if ignoring it lets the rest import.