[WoW Addon] TrinityMagic

[SIZE=20px]About Trinity Magic Addon[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]The purpose of this project is to support playing on a TrinityCore server as blizzlike as possible but, with admin permissions. The reality of TrinityCore at 3.3.5 is that some quests are broken and in 3.3.5 some things are just plain annoying (find 30 of these for each person in your group… yea no thanks).[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]This is not designed to be some sort of tool a community server might give to their population, it assumes the person with the tool has full admin permissions. Maybe in the future it can take into consideration the user’s actual permissions.[/SIZE]

I developed the tool while playing TC with my wife and as we have been leveling a group of five characters together.

This addon is open source (MIT License) and available on github

Releases are available here: https://github.com/karlbunch/LordKator_TrinityMagic/releases

Or you can clone the repo directly into your client’s Interface/AddOns directory:

[SIZE=16px][FONT=‘Courier New’]cd {path to client}/Interface/Addons[/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px][FONT=‘Courier New’]git clone https://github.com/karlbunch/LordKator_TrinityMagic.git[/FONT][/SIZE]

More details can be found in the README and the Wiki.

[SIZE=18px]Feature Highlights[/SIZE]

[ul][li]Control-Right Click on a Unit Frame for the menu (Player/Party/NPC etc.)[/li]
[li]You can set a default command for Control-Left Click on a Unit Frame (i.e. Control-Left Click on party member to revive)[/li]
[li]Manage Character Specific Waypoints[/li]
[li]Carbonite Map Integration - Right-Click → Teleport to anywhere on the map[/li]
[li]Instant Taxi to any flight master in the world[/li]
[li]Save/Spawn/Waypoint NPC’s[/li]
[li]Quest Tools (Complete, Remove, Add to Party, Complete for Party, Remove from Party)[/li]
[li]Summon Group - Teleport the group to your location[/li]
[li]Spawn Guild Vault at your location[/li]
[li]Instant Hearth[/li]
[li]Recall to the position of your last teleport[/li]
[li]Revive/Refresh to 100% stats[/li]
[li]Repair Items[/li]
[li]Clear Combat Flag[/li]
[li]Appear at target - Teleport to party member[/li]
[li]Summon to me - Teleport party member to you[/li]
[li]Die - Instantly kill targeted NPC from dropdown menu[/li]


[SIZE=18px]Screen Shots:[/SIZE]