WoW Database Editor: SAI, Quest chains (Visual SAI Studio)

Smart Scripts are cool, they make scripting really easy. However, creating and editing them is really tedious, onerous and burdensome. Events and actions are NOT self-describing and new developers have to either test them through trial and error or analyze the code in core (which requires some programming knowledge). WoW Database Editor is solution for those problems!

Editing and creating smart scripts with WoW Database Editor makes it easier then ever! Firstly add event, then select source, action and target. Done!

Conditions are integral part of SAI so creating them is as well integral part of WoW Database Editor! You can see conditions on the same workspace as events.

You no longer have to select an action to see what it does, you see events, actions and conditions all at once!

WDE is really clever! It helps you on every step. Every parameter (unless it is really self-describing) gives you hints and suggestions. It includes descriptions and proposed values - both flags (e.g. cast flags, npc_flags), select values (e.g. summon type, emotes), boolean values (e.g. enable/disable combat movement) and intelligent comments.When you edit game object SAI, creature only events will not show! You see only events that makes sense and are supported with current AI type.

Even though in TC SmartScript do not have concept of “source” of action, it is much easier to write script when there is one! Therefore WDE introduces not only targets, but also sources.

Linking events can make powerful effects, but it is quite hard to write them by hand. WDE makes big use of link events.

Just like all typical IDEs, WoW Database Editor has concept of „project” or „solutions”. You can keep all your scripts in one folder for easier accessibility in the future!

It is YOUR IDE, YOU can customize it in way you want. Do you prefer events tab at the left or the bottom? Hidden or shown all the time? Would you rather see specific event in “spell” or “self” category? It is up to you!

WoW Database Editor does NOT have hardcoded TC events, actions, targets and conditions. If your actions and events differ, you can replace them without recompile and even compare and detect differences in effect in particular script.

All modern IDEs have dark theme. It is much more pleasant for eyes. So does WoW Database Editor :slight_smile: (but do not worry, there is also light theme!)

And this all is completely open source available for free for everyone!

That’s not all! WoW Database is in active development and there are plans to add support for editing other Trinity tables so that all editing is in one place!

(always latest binary in the readme:)

Download WoW Database Editor

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Note: The video is from few years ago

Bug/idea reporting
Please use github issues to report bugs and ideas: here

Is it Windows only?

Sadly - yes. It is built with .net, which is really not mono-friendly. It doesn’t run on mono, because of lacks in its implementation. If there is interests, I might rewrite it in Java. [edited first post]

Sadly - yes. It is built with .net, which is really not mono-friendly. It doesn’t run on mono, because of lacks in implementation. If there is interests, I might rewrite it in Java. [edited first post]

​Yeah I think it would be better to have it for all platforms.

Keep up the good work!

Another thing,

I might rewrite it in Java.

Instead of Java, you can consider also tech like Electron:

Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies
Using Electron, Microsoft has built its own Visual Studio Code software

​if you are able to port it to .Net 5.0 (ATM Beta but will be released this year) you can run it whereever you want (unix, mac, windows, …) without mono

​you could create an issue on github and post all the errors you got, other people might help fixing them. I see it uses WinForms and that’s kinda supported by Mono.

Obviously stuff like won’t work in any other platform. I find strange that a form application requires WinAPI calls

​I have added winapi and other stuff that undoubtedly won’t work outside windows (and is optional) after I came to problem with .net reflection. For SAI Studio I need Dynamic Type Description Framework (used in PropertyGrid) ( And it isn’t supported by mono /emoticons/default_sad.png

​I do not think Microsoft it porting whole .net to other OS. It is only the dot net core

I have continued works on next-gen sai studio aka wow database editor :slight_smile: small peak of what I got: Still in early stage, but if anyone would like to help, you are welcome! :slight_smile:


New version features a quest chain editor:

@AndyscDoes this work on the current master branch?

I have returned to developing the tool and it has progressed a lot since last release. It works with latest master branch, as always to download visit project github page ( (always latest build in the readme)