Wowhead parser

[COLOR=rgb(33,33,33)]Hello, I am looking for a parser Wowhead but I have not found any functional or they were obselete . Do you have a link from a functional parser with which we can retrieve more data at a time, with a list of id ( eg 10000-30000 from 10 000 to 30 000 id ) or by area or another . Thank you in advance !

[COLOR=rgb(33,33,33)]and if anyone knows when to release the wowpacketparser 6.2.4 that interested me :slight_smile:

I made this WoWHead parser: but it’s only for table *_queststarter and *_questender. I would make the extractor fot loots, vendor, trainer etc. but, unfortunately, the data of WoWHead aren’t “exact” so I take care about this project with low priority.