WowPacketParser Error


I’ve got some errors when I use WowPacketParser.exe to export sql files, it happened since

[1/1 风暴峡湾02.pkt] System.InvalidCastException
[1/1 风暴峡湾02.pkt] 指定的转换无效。

WowPacketParser.Store.Objects.Ext.GetValue[T,TK](Dictionary`2 dict, T updateField) 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Store\Objects\Unit.cs:行号 241
WowPacketParser.Store.Objects.Unit.LoadValuesFromUpdateFields() 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Store\Objects\Unit.cs:行号 144
WowPacketParser.SQL.Builder.DumpSQL(String prefix, String fileName, String header) 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\SQL\Builder.cs:行号 88
WowPacketParser.Loading.SniffFile.WriteSQLs() 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Loading\SniffFile.cs:行号 519
WowPacketParser.Loading.SniffFile.ProcessFileImpl() 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Loading\SniffFile.cs:行号 272
WowPacketParser.Loading.SniffFile.ProcessFile() 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Loading\SniffFile.cs:行号 85

And I try to compile it with vs2015 and vs2017, but the error look the same.

Somebody help me, please.

If i am right not using Latin characters on sniff file name and maybe that’s why is crashing with this.

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