May be need for TC users.

AC2 for TC.

repo - (trinitycore_patches)

actual version -




thanks man!!

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Thanks man.

whats defrent betwen ac1 and ac2?

thx BeLove

AC1 - it’s passive anticheat, AC2 - active.

AC1 - only loging in db possible cheaters.

AC2 - block cheaters, when they try to use speed hack, fly hack and e.t.c…

and if u create your patch for hg like ac1 its very good

some codes like this

# HG changeset patch

# User be love

# Date 1289321726 -3600

# Branch trunk

# Node ID fa090e33b5bc7f16fb6b796712e4071d8bcdd11c

# Parent  893aa8510603b1ceb4b2149bb3302f72d6baa892


Good job!

Why it isn’t in TC ? /emoticons/default_tongue.png

If its configurable to On/Off /emoticons/default_wink.png

And BTW.

Error while Compiling:

error: ‘vehMover’ : undeclared identifier

It’s not warden ,therefore not in off repo. And we have some problems with transport, when use it…

Error while Compiling: - rev?

TrinityCore Rev: (I don’t know where it is at GitHub…) -

Windows 7, x64

update it

I put it on my repo. Updated for 10890.

Thanks for this patch. I add patches to my repo all the time. I ONLY add the ones I use and test. This is a great patch. Thanks BeLove! Keep up the good work. I will try to keep mine updated as you make fixes.

BeLove crach AC2 Vehicle + зависания ядра

thx for this share

I love it to make cheaters live hard