Custom Sql: Levels 81-100

Hi all,

I’ve created some sql files for levels 81-100. I was going to post them here, but I am not allowed to upload sql files. Can I be given permission to upload sql files? Or is there a way I can somehow share my sql files with this community?



I’d recommend you use just go there, paste whatever content is in your sql file ,(optionally) choose SQL from the Syntax Highlight drop down list, and bring the link back here. You save the trouble and can post whatever you want and the other people save having to download the file. Win win.

Hope I helped.

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Rename them to .sql.txt or .sql.patch or something else. Then the board will let you upload them as attachments.

sql added as an attachment type. zipping it is preferred as text compresses really well /emoticons/default_smile.png

If only I could get something other than a heavy load warning. /emoticons/default_sad.png

zip it or rar it.


test upload of sql.

Thanks KingPin!

Here are the files, zipped as you said preferred for compression.

I spent some time on these looking at patterns for stats before lvl 80 and tried to make reasonable numbers from those.

I made these so that my wife and I who play on our own private server can do high level instances when we get to them (we’re ~60 right now). I haven’t tested them for balance. Use at your own risk.

The scripts will delete anything above level 80 and add in my numbers.

Have fun.

creature_classlevelstats Also Needed . /emoticons/default_smile.png


I don’t have a creature_classlevelstats in my TDB. Am I missing something?

Found it. Will work on it and update. Core / worldserver doesn’t mention anything missing in the logs.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Edit: Strangely, my creature_classlevelstats already has figurein it up to 100. Albeit 1’s from 84 onwards :-D. Who populated this table?? :smiley:

without this if you make a npc with level 100 then his hp is set to 1 until you make a levelstats on creature_classlevelstats

how do you “made” the new stats? +2 per level or something else?


I looked at the numbers from 1 to 80, I looked at how they changed from level to level and also how they changed every 10 levels. Got a feel for how progression works, and then I just made up numbers which progressed in a similar manner. I even graphed some stuff to see that it ‘flowed’ the way I planned it to.

I dumped the existing data into a few spreadsheets, used equations to see how the stats changed (the difference) from level to level, and then I found the difference of those differences to see how they were trending.

Stats fom 1 - 60 is fairly linear. 60 - 70 is linear but much steeper. 70 - 80 is not so steep, but also linear.

You should have a look at some of the numbers. Some surprising patterns show up. I was able to dertermine (verify) what the primary stats were for each class by looking at these numbers.

I assume numbers have been taken from observation of official blizz stats, but there are some really strange stuff in them (especially the pet_levelstats). Some numbers progress genereally linearly until level 70 and suddenly the drop massively and then jump back up during those levels from 70 - 80. Some progress upwards and then in the mid 70’s they drop to 1 and stay there… It’s very curious.

Generally, I looked for trends in the stats (by comparing existing numbers) and then I continued those trends, to certain degree.

Each expansion changed the scale of inflation for all stats. IIRC going from BC to WotLK was a massive boost in health relative to all other things, to try and stem off some of the ever rapidly escalating damage making fights too short. Then WotLK to Cata was a very minimal gain instead.

thanks for this really helped

A few questions.

Has this been done before and how does this compare to other attempts at this?

Has anyone tested this to level 100? I’m curious if it makes small server play possible in some of the big raid dungeons. Does this mess up existing > level 80 mobs stats making them easier/harder?

I have about 2-3 people on my server and even the easier Outland dungeons are pretty tough to handle for my level 80 mage. I’m going to have to make some kind of changes or most of the high level content will just destroy our little groups.

read up on ghostcrawlers posts regarding the statincrease that is getting out of hand by now

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Ghostcrawler - Blizzard Lead System Designer…awler&f=article

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We’ll be back soon!

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Edit: They’re back up. I don’t see anything from that link but a lot of blog posts. Didn’t notice any titles that looked relevant.