Is it stable? ...

I am starting this topic to continue the old one. The last thing that i know is that latest stable rev is = 7bae24f81c

Any news?

Well I remember Aokromes talking about a good uptime around rev ~10700

Can you please report stable rev in code?(1634fa7f43 for example) not in number cause i cant find revision that you report /emoticons/default_biggrin.png … and has somebody some latest rev that is stable?

I’m still unable to compile the latest revs. /emoticons/default_mellow.png

Revision 10856:1634fa7f4397

TC>s infoTC>TrinityCore Rev: 10827+ Release Hash: 5efce03a11a4+ (Unix, little-endian)

Online players: 35 (max: 612)

Active connections: 35 (max: 625) Queued connections: 0 (max: 0)

Server uptime: 1 Day(s) 18 Hour(s) 32 Minute(s) 17 Second(s).

Update time diff: 49.

no one crashes after last start.

Yeah that’s right!

Thanks for posting it out /emoticons/default_wink.png

Lets hope for more feedback on theese new revisions, to see if the uptime increases /emoticons/default_smile.png

Last news /emoticons/default_cool.png

TrinityCore Rev: 10827, max online - 656, uptime - 2d 10 hours.

And crash /emoticons/default_tongue.png I’m think it normal, may it’s LFG, i don’t have last commit for crash fix.

Thats great news!

I hope the new vehicle thing doesn’t affect stability /emoticons/default_smile.png

The “new vehicle thing” don’t have nothng to do with stability, since it’s only few enums, and afaik, they aren’t used anywhere yet.

Though I’m glad to hear that, I said it mainly because of some crash reports like this…

ups the link…

edit /emoticons/default_sad.png

Trinity Revision: 10748

Online for 1 day, 2 hours, 57 minutes, 14 seconds

Max players this uptime session: 959

Total Users Online: 294

i had on this revision 3 days, then crash

RDF disabled due crashing, passive anticheat.

I have revision 5efce03a11 ( ) and its crashing every our on spell auras -.- i have to do something cause its terrible … have anyone some fix? … EDIT - now 10 hours uptime … strange /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

Apparently you don’t have any players running ICC and fighting Lord Marrowgar, because he crashed the hell out of my server with Rev 10748. I had to temporarily set him to unit_flags = 2 so he couldn’t be attacked.

I’d like to see other stable reports if there are any out there.

@Gregarious there are icc runs always over the place, so i cant confirm that crash, do you use any custom patches that involves the crash maybe?

None for ICC. Pure Trinity.

We have icc open after that update on stable revision and no crashes

10748 = ?? Wich revision from the repo?

I restarted 10913 (8ab453b4659d on git) after almost 2 days of uptime to fix one exploit.

TrinityCore Rev: 10924+ None Hash: a7dadcb51c6d+ (Unix, little-endian)

Online players: 16 (max: 223)

Active connections: 17 (max: 226) Queued connections: 0 (max: 0)

Server uptime: 1 Day(s) 19 Hour(s) 12 Minute(s) 31 Second(s).

Patches: AC1, TeleNPC2, AH BOT, quest tests, CoS instance test.

Restarting to update again.