[Patch] Telenpc3, PvPranks, Passive Anticheat For Trinitycore ( 2018-01-08 274dede 3.5a ) ONLY)

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TeleNPC3 a teleporter to allow your players to travel very fast arround world.

Well, i only go to update this 4 patches, they compile fine under 2016-02-22 ecd74a8 of 3.3.5a branch, i don’t support any other branch, if you don’t like how they are coded, or you think there is something incorrect on them, be free of modify them post them here and say why your way is better, because idk c++.

[SIZE=26px]How to import patches: git apply filename.patch (on windows use cmd or it will very likely fail)[/SIZE]

You must put the patch on the root of your repository ie: C:TrinityCore

NOTE: you need to apply patch.something.patch before start to apply my patches, on this way people can apply the patches on any order or avoid the previous need of apply or edit unwanted patches.
NOTE2: patch.something.patch is patch.a date.hash.patch for example patch.2016-04-14.87b4533.patch this filename can change if structure changes.


Import setup_npc_teleport.sql into world database. If you are updating from TeleNPC2 you need to run the 2 update sqls contained on sql/tools/

Notice: This patches are intended ONLY for 3.3.5a branch.

IF you get import failures try:

git clone -b 3.3.5 [https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.git](https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.git)
I see a lot of people downloaded the patches i maintain across this years, but those patches are the same after a lot of years, have 4 feature requests for the people with c++ knowledge:

1st add to passive anticheat one way to notify player accounts of gms to see hacks being used notifications, my idea for easy maintenance is to use a new table on auth database where you fill the player accounts of gms.
2nd add to passive anticheat output of people being hacking to chat window, on that way the text wont being loss.

3rd add to telenpc the posibility of create categories, on that way it can be more compact.


| |-Dalaran
| |-Shattrah
| -Argent Tournament
| |-Ironforge
| |-Stormwind
| |-Exodar
| -Darnassus
|-Eastern Kingdom

Moved into Home · TrinityCore/TrinityCoreCustomChanges Wiki (github.com)

Now i add the date of the patches to ease the life

Passive anticheat v2 test: https://git.io/vacVC






Nope, i don’t go to rewrite the pre 3.2 WG, wait for official patch. The non-official patch even if updated to work on current builds is unblizzlike for 3.3.5a and uses workarrounds instead being the core the one removing the invis wall is hacked removing GO on db.

How can we start again?! There is nothing more sadness than starting again. /emoticons/default_sad.png/emoticons/default_mellow.png

Since we are having to restart this post, how about a link to the repository. I stayed up last night trying to get this to work, having to rely on some google cache.

I don’t remember thedevnull’s repo, also the 3 patches needs to be updated to work on tip. (i have them working, but .patch file upload permisions are needed)

Waiting for the patches. *g

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devnull’s repository is at https://bitbucket.org/thedevnull/tc2-patches/

successfully compiled with tc2 10770

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Does the 877 patch hg import to the new Github pull the same as before ? Also does the core still use cmake and compile the same as before ? Thx… hate asking what is probably evident to others but just a little unsure of the new system . Thank you .

As we’re now moving to Git, could someone please kindly post instruction on how to patch using Git?

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