[WIP] TrinityCore Battle.Net Website

Hello there!

I would like to introduce to you FreedomCore (aka FreedomNet). The replica of the Battle.net website for private servers purely targeted TrinityCore Engine.


This is the exact Battle.net website, but only for private servers.

What is done so far:

[ol][li]Main Page (100%)[/li]

		[li]Navigation Bars[/li]			
		[li]Sidebar modules[/li]				
					Realm Information
							Current Status (Online/Offline)
						[li]Characters Online[/li]							

				[li]Latest updates (Patch notes)[/li]					
				[li]Developer Information[/li]						[ol]
							Memory usage
						[li]Page loading time[/li]							

		[li]Userplate with all relevant info[/li]				[ol]
					You can change Characters just like on Battle.net
				[li]Reorder characters[/li]					

		[li]Footer[/li]				[ol]
					Ability to change language "blizzlike"

[li]Article Page (100%)[/li]	
[li]Search Page (70%)[/li]		[ol]
			Search for Characters (100%)
		[li]Search for Items (100%)[/li]			
		[li]Search for Articles (100%)[/li]			
		[li]Search for Character posts (50%)[/li]			
		[li]Search for Forum Posts (0%)[/li]			

[li]Items Page (100%)[/li]		[ol]
		[li]Items Tooltips[/li]			
		[li]Drop Locations[/li]			
		[li]Quest Relation[/li]			
		[li]Items Icons and 3D Models[/li]			

[li]Character Page (75%)[/li]		[ol]
			Achievements (80%)
		[li]Professions (100%)[/li]			
		[li]Feed (0%)[/li]			
		[li]3D Model (100%)[/li]			
		[li]Reputation (100%)[/li]			
		[li]Guild (100%)[/li]			
		[li]Character Stats (Somewhat between 30% and 40%)[/li]			
		[li]Raid Progression (80%)[/li]			

[li]Forums Category (90%)[/li]	
[li]Game Category (50%)[/li]	
[li]Character Control Panel (95%)[/li]	
[li]Admin Control Panel (20%)[/li]	
[li]Tools (60%)[/li]		[ol]
			Icons Extractors (100%)
		[li]DBC Extractors (WotLK 100%, Cata, MoP, WoD - from 25 to 50%)[/li]			
		[li]CSSParser (100%)[/li]			

Supported Patches:

[li]6.x - Only Icons Extractor (DB is not yet optimized for 6.x)[/li]
[COLOR=rgb(82,82,82)]if you willing to help with dev, please reply in this thread and ill try to make repo then.

[COLOR=rgb(82,82,82)]Github Repo (OLD) - https://github.com/darki73/FreedomCore

Issues Tracker (OLD) - https://github.com/darki73/FreedomCore/issues

Youtube Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unJQf-BzXYk&list=PLuoyT4TbLTS7WvuGsD5jo1cbzA-sb47wc

Demo Website - http://net.freedomcore.ru

Github Repo (NEW) - https://github.com/darki73/FreedomNet

Issues Tracker (NEW) - https://github.com/darki73/FreedomNet/issues

[COLOR=rgb(82,82,82)]Thank you for your attention

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Good job, looks very nice there mate!

This looks very nice indeed, good job! /emoticons/default_smile.png

Is there armory with it or something ?

​Its the same as the battle.net, its not for use, its just for development

​Hello there,

I’m currently working on an English translation for this, just thought I’d mention it to you.

Once I’m done with it, I’ll create a pull request from this repository.

Kind regards,

​Thank you very much! Any help is appreciated

This is awesome Darki!

Expected lil bit more participation guys…


well, we could help you, but there is one problem. Blizzard has copyright on their website, you can’t simply use their website as your. Maybe I am missed something, but I think blizzard didn’t change license.

Does this work on Linux? Trying it on my dedicated yesterday it showed a blank page so guessing not.

​you need to change permissions for server folder in order to make it work

​Blizzard has copyright on World of Warcraft… Following my point? =D And plus all the files can be rewritten (not by 1 person tho)

P.S. They’ve changed design few days ago, so now website in my git repo is the old version. And as far as i know, people already made the first version of their website and had no issues

good work. thank you… 谢谢你

​server folder?

I have too issue on my Debian 7 webserver. How i can fix it? I have still blank page and anything load. Can you give me some instructions how to fix? I will find on google, debian maybe have problems with Smarty. Thanks for answer/help

here is a comment from my log:
[Tue Jun 23 01:30:55 2015] [error] [client X.XXX.XXX.X] PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/Core/Core.php’ (include_path=‘.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /domains/CENSORED/subdomains/unholy/index.php on line 2

Hello, we have a problem that no matter what I do, unfortunately, this application does not run under Linux. I ask how to fix it?


​Curl is not installed, this is for sure, i cant see your website.

​Curl is installed, and still white screen —> yes website HERE.

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can't connect to MySQL server on 'acp.rebelions.cz' (4)